Operating with Integrity

Tim has built a successful private practice more than once:  Succeeding in Monrovia, CA, Colorado Springs, CO, and again here in Encinitas, CA.  His strategy is grounded in basic principles of integrity, transparency, and consistency. 

 Tim Instructs On:

  • Business and fee structure
  • Integration of Psychology, Counseling Models and Scriptural Principles
  • Incorporation of healing prayer (Sozo) in professional Counseling

Consulting Services

Tim provides private practice consulting to those practitioners eager to build their own businesses with integrity while incorporating excellent professional practice and fiscal practices that address the needs of the community you serve.  Uniquely, he also instructs/lectures on incorporating healing prayer (Sozo)  into professional practice.

  • A block of personalized one-on-one in-person or online video sessions can be arranged.
  • A day long seminar for groups is available.
  • A brief overview (breakout session) as part of a larger group presentation is available.