• I operate on a fee for service basis, with fees paid at the end of every session.
  • I do not bill insurance for reimbursement.   You will be provided receipts for services rendered that can be used if you choose to make an insurance claim.
  • Please contact me for my current hourly rate.

A Note From Tim Regarding His Fees and Payment

Why Pay for a Professional Counselor?

      This is a good question!  Believe me, I asked the same question when I first started on this career path!

      First and foremost,  you are paying for someone professionally trained and expert at solving the problems that confront you.  On a daily basis I engage and facilitate strategies for problems and situations where my clients have already struggled and failed, despite every effort known to them.  I provide immediate and tested approaches developed over decades to assist with problems you perhaps have only recently acknowledged as being beyond your own ability to solve.   You get expertise that will often save you time, money and heartache, when compared to non-professional options or no counsel outside of your own.

     Also, as a professional counselor I am outside of your 'circle' of relationships.  I do not report to nor am I under the authority of your employer, pastor or clergyperson, friends, parents, etc.  The relationship we share is  professional and autonomous with exception of when/if YOU agree to additional professional input.*   I protect ALL my clients privacy STRICTLY.       
* Additional exception exists if you are deemed a danger to self, others (suicidal or homicidal) or in the instance of abuse, and then I have a legal duty to report.

Why Do I Pay What I Pay for Counseling?

      Essentially,  the greatest determinants of what I charge for my services are:  Protecting the quality of service I render and maintaining the privacy you deserve.

      It is my professional and practical judgment that only I handle scheduling, billing and payment.  This takes considerable administrative time, but also ensures and respects your privacy.  All my clients receive the same careful management of their identity.  I have had many high profile clients over the years and have not had any privacy leaks.

      To provide you with my direct and careful attention I have learned that I must limit my face-to-face time.  It is my commitment to you that I limit my client numbers to a daily maximum.  In this way I may be ready for you.

       Finally, I perform ongoing research and study to maximize your experience in counseling.